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Tools for education- and health professionals
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• Suicide: postvention at school   Suicide? Attempt? How to cope with the rumour
Bereavements after suicides:   Evaluating postvention actions
Is suicide contagious?  

• Training the relatives of hard drinkers
• Addictions in workplace: alcohol, drugs
Screening health questionnaire  for daily medical practice   (in English)

Drugs, suicide, alcohol: my freedom, my health leaflet for the waiting room (in English)
• Alcohol abuse: brief intervention with or without screening  (in English)

• An alcohol- and smoking addict: outline of a case report  (in English)
• Acting for mental health: prevention through the Internet



Since 2000, we have collected facts and information on alcohol abuse and suicide prevention in this website. The time has come to draw conclusions.

In our conclusion, we steer clear of families' conviction of their failure and also steer clear of professional publications.

The families of those suffering from alcohol abuse and of those who attempt suicide are in a state of despair. They ignore that success is real and that in the prevention of suicide, families and friends have the highest rate of success.

This success is discussed on two pages of this website, which maybe automatically translated:
Alcoolisme : former les entourages des buveurs excessifs 
Prévention du suicide This Page is aimed at the general population with a view to reinforcing the chances of success for each and one of us.

Meanwhile, professional publications likewise ignore these successes: either they address family failure or they look at professionals' own role.

The population at large needs to be reassured and trained.
Page Alcoolisme : former les entourages des buveurs excessifs
is aimed at over five million people, i.e. those who are close to an alcohol sufferer.

Beyond this, families are invited to primary prevention in my book:
Drogues, alcool : en parler en famille

Training the overall population raises a communication issue. When the messages required for training are the size of a book, short print-runs are a problem. When we look at the Internet, we see that the problem here is the lack of content of most relevant websites.

The proprietary search engines of on-line bookshops such as Amazon or Fnac should be able to reconcile information broadcasting and the magnitude of messages, so long as they widen the range of terms to be searched.

An innovative solution proposed on Page
Alcoolisme : former les entourages des buveurs excessifs
would be the periodical broadcasting of messages
inviting relatives of alcoholics to look up information in on-line bookshops and Internet search engines.

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